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Buffalo heart dog grooming studio Policies

Here at Buffalo Heart Dogs Grooming Studio we are focused on providing a safe and secure environment for your dog. To ensure the health and safety of your pet/s as well as our other canine guests we require all of our clients to read and understand the following policies.

Arrival & Departure

Pets are required to be leashed or kenneled at all times while on the property. If you do not have a leash with you, please stop in before removing your pet from the car and one will be provided to you. We are a small shop and it can become crowded in the reception area. If you notice a customer being helped, please wait outside until the reception area is cleared.


All pets in our care must be up to date on vaccinations for Rabies and Distemper/ Parvo (DHPP). It is highly recommended that all dogs also be up to date on the Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine. All vaccines must be administered by a licensed veterinarian and a paper copy shall be provided upon request.


If your pet is not feeling well (e.g. vomiting, diarrhea) please do not bring him/her to the appointment for their own comfort and the safety of the other pets in our care. Please advise our staff of any change in your dog’s health or medical condition upon arrival so that we may update your pets file. We are unable to accept dogs that are in season or are pregnant.

Tardiness, CANCELATIONs & no shows

“Buffalo Heart Dogs Grooming Studio” operates on a one-on-one appointment basis, to minimize stress on your pet. Therefore, we cannot always accommodate tardiness. Being late to your appointment puts your groomer behind for the rest of the day, which is unfair to their other cleints. Please be prompt. If you are running late, please give us a heads up, but rescheduling may be necessary and a fee will apply.

Conversely, we do not provide daycare services. Please arrive to pick up your pet within 15 minutes of completion. Failure to pick up your dog within a 45 minute time frame will result in a kenneling fee. If your pet happens to soil themselves during this time, a rebathing fee will also apply. 

Because we work strictly by appointment, we require the cancellation of appointments at least 24 hours prior to your appointment time. This leaves us with enough time to fill your spot with a client off the waitlist. Failure to do so will result in a late cancellation fee of 50% of the grooming price to be paid via venmo. We understand there may be emergency situations and will do our best to work with you, but not on a continued basis. Last minute cancellations, no-shows, and tardiness will be assessed based on a three strike policy. 

  • 1st offense: A fee of 50% of the groom will be due (via venmo) before rescheduling your appointment. 

  • 2nd offense: In addition to the 50% fee, we will require a full deposit for all future appointments. The deposit is non-refundable.

  • 3rd offense: “Buffalo Heart Dogs Grooming Studio” will no longer be able to accept you as a client. Any and all future appointments will be canceled.

Pricing & Payment Methods

Pricing is decided based on many factors such as breed, coat condition, desired groom, temperament, age, and grooming history. Pricing is subject to change at any time and at the groomers discretion. Pricing is NON-NEGOTIABLE!

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Cash

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