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  • What vaccinations are required for my dog to be groomed?
    BHD Grooming Studio requires all pets over 6 months to be vaccinated for rabies and Distemper/Parvo (DHPP). While it’s not required, we highly suggest all dogs are vaccinated for Bordetella (kennel cough). We understand some pets may have a medical reason for not having a certain vaccine. In that case, a note from the vet must be provided (as well as a yearly titer test for dogs who cannot receive Rabies vaccines).
  • What if I want something changed or re-done, after my dogs grooming is completed?
    Your opinion matters to us most. Please reach out to us right away so that we are able to re-touch whatever you’d like. All touch ups must be done within 48 hours of the original appointment.
  • Can my puppy get a haircut during its first grooming?
    We do not recommend a full haircut for your puppy’s first visit. The grooming process can be a bit scary and overwhelming for puppies. However, we do recommend a puppy package. This includes a nail trim & ear cleaning, bath with a gentle puppy shampoo, leave in conditioner, blow dry and brush out. It also includes trimming of their feet, sanitary areas, and light face trim. This package helps to slowly introduce all parts of grooming without pushing your pup too far. With that being said, all puppies are different and will be assessed on an individual basis.
  • When should my puppy come in for his/her first grooming?
    We recommend puppies start their grooming journey at about 12 weeks old or after their second DHPP vaccine. At 12 weeks, a puppy’s immune system is more developed, yet their still young enough to be eased into the grooming process. Starting puppies this young helps them learn that grooming is a normal part of their life. Maintaining a regular grooming schedule is key!
  • How long can my dog stay after it’s grooming is completed?
    As we operate on a one-on-one appointment basis, we ask that your pup is picked up upon completion. We will give you a “heads up” phone call/text 15-30 minutes prior to completion. Pets not picked up in a timely manner may be subject to a fee. If a situation does arise where you cannot pick up your dog at that time, please notify your groomer ASAP so they can plan around it.
  • What does one-on-one grooming mean?
    Here, at BHD, one-on-one grooming means that your dog (or family) will be the only appointment that your groomer takes at that time. Your groomer will work on your pup start to finish. This allows us to build a good relationship with your pet while they're in our care. Because there are multiple groomers in the salon, there are likely to be other dogs in the salon at that time.
  • Can I bring in my own shampoo?
    In certain circumstances, yes. Any shampoos brought in must be in the original container and made specifically for pets. No human shampoo/ conditioner will be used.
  • How long will my dogs grooming take?
    On average, an appointment will take between 1.5-3 hours. The length of time an appointment takes differs for each pet. It is dependent on breed, cut, coat condition, and temperament.
  • Can I stay and watch my dog be groomed?
    No. Dogs act differently when mom and dad are around. Often times more stressed and scared then when they are with their groomers. Having the parents there also makes it harder for us to form a trusting bond with your pup. Also, please do not prolong your good bye at drop off. Make it short and sweet, no big deal.
  • How often should my dog be groomed?
    Most dogs benefit from being on a 4-8 week schedule. Every pup is different and it will depend on desired cut and willingness of home maintenance. Even if your dog is not ready for a full groom, nails should be done monthly.
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