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dog grooming

it's more than just a haircut

Grooming isn’t just about making sure “Bella” can see or that “Fluffy” doesn’t stink. It is a necessary part of your pet’s life to keep them healthy and feeling their best. We understand that every dog is unique. That’s why we provide personalized one-on-one care to every pup that comes through our doors. Whether it’s helping your furry friend overcome their fear of the dryer, or soothing their dry, itchy skin, we’ve got you covered. Building a bond with your pet, making sure they are safe and comfortable is our number one priority!


Bath & brush

  • Bath with specialized shampoo & leave in conditioner

  • Nail trimming

  • Ear cleaning (plucking done upon request)

  • Complete blow dry

  • Brush out

  • Trimming of pads, tops of feet and sanitary areas if necessary




Full groom

  • Everything offered in the Bath & Brush package


  • Full haircut personalized to your preferences, lifestyle, and pet's needs





  • 3 step toothbrushing- $10

  • Nail grinding- $12

  • "Toes & Teeth"- $20

  • Anal gland expression- $10

  • Matting charges- $1/minute

  • De-shed treatment- $ varies

  • Extra snuggles- FREE




*Grooming prices vary. Pricing is dependent on breed, size, temperament, coat condition, desired haircut and grooming history. Quotes may be given but are subject to change at the groomer's discretion. Additional fees will apply to matted, impacted, overgrown and shedding coats. Prices do NOT include NYS sales tax. 

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