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Welcome to
Buffalo Heart Dogs
Grooming Studio

At Buffalo Heart Dogs Grooming Studio, we understand that your pet is part of your family. That's why our experienced and compassionate groomers offer a range of services to keep them looking and feeling their best. Come in and see Kristi & Morgan for expert grooming services that your pet will love!


What is a
"Heart Dog?"

All pets leave a lasting imprint on our lives, but your heart dog is different. Your heart dog is the dog that comes along once in a lifetime (twice if you're lucky) and grabs your heart so tightly they change the way you live your life. It's your souls true counterpart and forever a part of your emotional existence. A relationship built solely on unconditional love. You evolve together. Heart dogs shape the person you are, and who you will become. Sound dramatic? Maybe. Farfetched? Sure. But that's probably because you've never had one.


Our Grooming Services

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Bath & Brush


a la Carte Services

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Full Service Groom

Creative color 
& Nail Wraps

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